We believe that sustainability goes hand in hand with working with the local and the authentic. Our fundamental mission is to make artisanal things attractive again in the world.

At Roxana Pardo, we combine design with high quality, making pieces ethically and fairly. We pride ourselves on being a family oriented, fair trade company that supports women in our country.

Roxana Pardo tries to empower and give back to some of the most important members of society. We firmly believe in the importance of building strong and meaningful relationships through integrity and friendship with our artisans with whom we work closely. Each piece passes through the hands of one of the Peruvian women who work in our collective. They are a vital part in the design, production and sale of all our products.

Roxana Pardo is developed and produced with an emphasis on being a slow fashion brand. We have parts modification services (our products are versatile, we can transform your parts), parts renewal and maintenance. These services make the parts have a longer life.